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Hi Mark. your name was given to me in the hope you can assist with a CV shaft for a Gelandewagen.
081 5959 604
Hi Theo, can you let me know the cost of sending it to my address:-
John Bennett
11 Cranmer Close
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Many thanks

I Eventually after years of searching and following many leads have this beauty in my hands,goes beautifully ....is in mint condition ; so chuffed..
Hi there Andrew. I was told if you are the right person lol about chatting to you about the bonnet heat shield that you have a supplier on this could you assist on this please.
As per the thread - Genesis Acoustics or else Sondor. I used to use Sondor, now prefer the Genesis product.

Kan jy my asseblief skakel op 083 645 7728. Het nie jou nommer nie. As ek nie antwoord nie, los aub 'n boodskap.

Ek wil 'n W124 se resistors op my G gebruik - die een met die staal ogies plaat, maar hy word nogal warm. Weet jy dalk waar in die W124 hy installeer word? Dink jy hy kan net langs die G se konsole monteer word of moet hy meer lug kry?

Dankie by voorbaat
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Hi Chris
Thanks for reposting the G-wagen manuals ad. I want them.
I've registered on 4x4 Community, but they're taking some time to process my registration, so I can't PM the seller.
Please could you assist me by letting the seller know I'm interested. He can call me on 0824634720.
I would appreciate it.
Chris B
Chris B
Hi Fig, sorry I saw your message only now. Surely I am now too late to help.....
Thanks. No worries. I got hold of the seller and bought the manuals. Looks like I posted in the wrong place. I meant to PM you.
Hi Johan

I'm in London at the moment but I'm flying back tomorrow evening via Johannesburg. Is there chance I can view the vehicle Saturday afternoon. I've sold my G300 and am looking for an older G in a good condition. You can give me a call on 0827091594 (leave a message if i don't pick up, I'm in class over here)

Best Regards