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OM352 "hunting" more than usual - advice?

May 9, 2016
Sandton, Gauteng
Hi All,

My OM352 is "hunting" at low RPM, a little bit more than what I'd consider usual.
I has always exhibited this - but now that I have a torque converter gearbox in my Mog, which is really wonderful so far - the problem is a bit more annoying, because I cannot use engine RPM / clutch to bypass the problem.
It's specifically worse when under load: When idling at a set RPM, it'd be smooth, but when dropping the clutch e.g. in 1L, it would hunt (at roughly the same engine speed).

My research so far has led to various opinions - from a bad governor, to a too-rich fuel mixture.
I'm probably going to start by turning a fuel mixture screw a tiny bit leaner (e.g. a 1/4 turn), but if anybody has other advice to share, it would be appreciated.
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