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Media launch of new G63


G-Wagen Club SA
Oct 12, 2008
After all they hype of the newly designed G a few of us from the G Club were fortunate enough to be invited to the media launch.
Of course we had to do out bit , and that was to display some of the heritage models that preceded the new G Class. These included a convertible '79, a 300GD LWB '82, a W463 300GDSWB '90, G55 '07, a Prof '11 and a 350 Bluetech '11.
The launch was held at the Cradle of humankind. We arrived with the display G's at 8h00. The G's were washed and parked opposite the new generation of G's. From 9h00 - 12h00 the press and journalists arrived while breakfast was served. At 12h00 lunch was served and the proceedings started at 13h00 with a brief history of the Geländewagen until it's renaming to G Class and the association with AMG. At about 14h00, after the G's could be viewed and some features pointed out, the journalist set out on a road trip to get a feel for the new G. We made our way to a beautifully set hotel to freshen up for the evening festivities and a recap of the days events.

Back at the venue we were treated to sun downers before going to a boma with a bonfire and traditional music and dancing displays.
The days events were recapped and special guests entertained us and gave us some history of the area and the plight of the lions.
Dinner was served and more displays of traditional dancing followed.

The next morning we all set off the the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary north of Pretoria on a beautiful bush farm, where Kevin spoke about what else - Lions. This was a worthwhile visit and can be recommended.
After the formalities all went back to the Venue at the Cradle. This is where we were lucky enough to get to drive the new G63. From the short drive I did all I can say is wow. She handles exceptionally, has power in abundance while even being stingy on fuel for the performance. The ride was soft and quiet. One just wants to drive further....

All in all it was a wonderful experience and we hope to be able to have more interaction with MBSA/AMG.

A big thank you to MBSA/AMG and our committee for making this happen.


G-Wagen Club SA
Nov 17, 2008
Thanks Alan. It sounds like it was a great launch. I read a very positive article already out on Wheels24.

Thank you to everyone that could participate for flying the G flag high.

Looking forward to photos and opinions from those that were lucky enough to be there.

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