Have Canon, will shoot. Via ML/GL??


Sep 2, 2022
Have Canon, will shoot.

Lotsa lions and spotty kittens, carcals, bateleurs, gemsbok or springbok waiting for a head shot. Die mense met die lense ry daar.
Living in basic accommodation, no camping, for now. Contemplating a clamshell mkuku on the roof, though. Man can still do that.

Now seriously, don't think ASPW or Ronny Dahl kinda expeditions here. Just two onset geriatrics wandering about Namakwaland Caracal Route, Cederberg, Tankwa-Karoo, Mokala, Witsand Kalahari, Richtersveld middelmannetjie tracks, not that HELL-ish pass, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and such. Marakele, iSimangaliso, here we come, around the 'Berg.

- I gues one won't need low range to visit Garaghab or Gannakouriep?

- What to do with spare wheels....do these even have that?

Can anyone with experience kindly educate the noob, or "rebooted 4x4" enthusiast?

Way back, I broke my body driving Appliance 4x4's, and a variety of pre-Defender Landy's such as 2.25 110-ish petrol and a fairly similar Diesel, which was 2.5?? Too long ago to recall what that lacklustre noise generator under the hood really was.

Most folks in the 60's and 70's hardly ever saw, let alone used, a 4x4. We went everywhere in 2wd sedans with open diffs, meaning 1wd. Tyres down to 0.8bar front, 1.1 bar rear, third gear and Mecican speedocruise. Seldom got stuck, because we prevented mischief & misfortune by using common sense. We therefore didn't need all the carry-on paraphernalia weighing another half a tonne.

But what if we two old codgers now hit the tracks with a modern "4x4" that lacks low range, likely with no diff lockers and hopefully traction control?

I need to draw upon your deep wells of wisdom.
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