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Bearing replacement on a GL 350 cooling/aicon fan


G-Wagen Club SA
Dec 4, 2015
Yesterday Wife came to me and said there's a weird squeak coming from the engine compartment, like a mossie chirping under the bonnet. When she turned off the engine this chirping continued so I knew it wasn't on the engine, like an idle pulley. On further inspection (sounding quite official) I saw that the fan wasn't spinning freely and in fact didn't want to turn in reverse.

I got a price for the fan from MBSA, expecting it to be in the region of R5000, and skrikked my gat off when they told me R22k ex labour. I wasn't going to pay that just for a failed bearing!!!

So google became my friend as I was determined to remove and fix it myself if possible, MBSA would be my last resort.

this is how to remove that fan for a GL450 but everything was the same on my GL350

It took me about 10 minutes to remove the fan and another 15 to remove the bearings.
I went to Bearings International and bought two bearings for a total of R90.71, they did not have C4 bearings in stock, but C3's (part number 6000-22C3-FAG) which will have to do the trick for now.
The C4 has got a little bit more tolerance between the bearings to allow for expansion due to heat, seeing that it's easy to do, I'll replace the C3's when they conk in.

It's quite easy to replace as the shaft/fan is held in with a circlip, the outer bearing slides out with a small spring spacer/washer behind it (if you forget to put the spacer in you'll have play on the fan) and the inner bearing needs to be tapped out (and I mean tap, it comes out easily)

My GL has done 140 000km so if yours have done the same it may be a good idea to give that fan a spin and listen for any rough noise or a mossie chirping...…….



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