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1994 W463 G 300 Diesel - 4sp Auto - RHD


G-Wagen Club SA
Dec 27, 2009
Behind the lentil curtain, Western Cape, South Afr
Hi All

It is with a heavy heart I offer up my G for sale. Vehicle details as follows:

Shipment Date: 06.04.1994
Factory Fitted Options include - see data card attached:
Air conditioning, Electric Windows, Electric Sunroof, ABS, Driver Airbag, Central Locking, Tan / Beige Leather, Wide Axles with Fender Flares, 4 speed automatic

Engine: Mercedes Diesel - OM603 - 3L straight 6 N/A - 83 kW - 191 Nm
Gearbox: 722.3 - 4 speed Auto
Diffs: i = 4.38

Books and paperwork in order. Also have the orignal factory radio. 3 sets of keys and service key.

The G has interesting history with the pre-delivery inspection and run in service (1500 km) done in Munich Germany despite being RHD.

G currently has done 350k km with recent service done and engine mounts changed. Engine was rebuilt at 300k km and front axle wheel bearing at 280k k. I have owned the car since February 2011 from 270k km. I have extensive maintenance records with the car.

Overall I would say the car is neat and original condition for the age and mileage.

In consultation with the G club and recent advertised sale prices in SA I am looking at a price R 395k. However, I am firm believer in willing buyer, willing seller so happy to discuss.


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