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  1. heinkeljb

    Haflinger For Sale - Gumtree

    Looks like it has a VW engine rather then the original engine in the back, I wonder if the original engine is available? The rear platform has been covered over with what looks like a wood layer. That covers the rear footwells by the looks of things, but the pictures don't show if the rear seats...
  2. heinkeljb

    haflinger gearbox

    The workshop manual will explain how to set the gearbox up, but will refer parts of the setup to be done with special Haflinger tooling / jigs. This will make it difficult for most mechanics whether home mechanics or qualified mechanics. The dimensions for most of the special jigs are in the...
  3. heinkeljb

    Brakes bleeding - Haflinger

    Bleeding brakes on any vehicle including a Haflinger is best done with two people. Make sure you have new DoT 4 brake fluid available and top up the master reservoir before you begin. There are brake bleeding kits available which use the air pressure in a tyre to turn the job into a one person...
  4. heinkeljb

    Steyr-Puch for sale

    How much were you thinking? Some more pictures wouldn't go amiss, John
  5. heinkeljb

    Unimog On Facebook R85 000

    It also has at least one bald tyre and that wheel doesn't look like it goes in the same direction as the other front wheel either!
  6. heinkeljb

    Hi Theo, can you let me know the cost of sending it to my address:- John Bennett 11 Cranmer...

    Hi Theo, can you let me know the cost of sending it to my address:- John Bennett 11 Cranmer Close Lewes East Sussex BN7 2JN United Kingdom Many thanks John
  7. heinkeljb

    Garmin 276CX for Sale

    I'm interested. How much to put UK map on it and ship to the UK. I can pay in Rands. Many thanks, John
  8. heinkeljb

    1962 Steyr Puch For sale on Facebook

    look nice.
  9. heinkeljb

    G spotting

    I flew in via Jo'burg - walking from the international arrivals to the domestic terminal on the level with the shops and restaurants. Sorry, can't remember the name of the shop, but it sold suitcase and stuff like that. Just a visitor, My Dad lives here so I come to see him. John
  10. heinkeljb

    G spotting

    I "spotted" one at the airport on my arrival in S.A. Didn't get a chance to ask how much though! I'll ask if it is still there when I leave at the end of the month. John
  11. heinkeljb

    Halflinger Opbou Poging

    Poor engine has been run without oil - As long as the scrapes in the barrels can be removed, the bottom of the barrels can just be cleaned up and will be fine. If you have problems finding replacement pistons of suitable sizes, you can always go for a bigger CC engine by using VW pistons and...
  12. heinkeljb

    Halflinger Opbou Poging

    He sold it today to someone, whilst I was waiting for him to send me pictures....
  13. heinkeljb

    Halflinger Opbou Poging

    That's the bit which made me ask, Why does he have a running engine not in a Haflinger? I have sent him a message asking for pictures, so we'll see what comes back. John
  14. heinkeljb

    Halflinger Opbou Poging

    Do people think this is genuine? If it is, I see about buying it. John
  15. heinkeljb

    Halflinger Opbou Poging

    Lot of work if you want to restore it back to factory condition, but not a lot if you just want to make it work. Looks like a good starting project as it appears to have most bits. Noticed it is missing the cylinder head inspection covers and the battery box lid. - Can be bought in Europe if...
  16. heinkeljb

    Steyr-puch Haflinger, R75k, East London

    Shame it is not very original. Engine being the biggest item. The Haflinger probably drives reasonably well with the replacement engine (if it actually works which judging by the dust covering everything else, it doesn't)! John
  17. heinkeljb

    For Sale

    Are you going to "collect it" by driving there in it? Showing the seller that he is a Con-Artist and that some one has found him out? Police involved? John
  18. heinkeljb

    Took My Haflinger To A Night Trials.

    We do them during the day as well (normally) but every once in a while we do them at night - things look different at night! Even though you walk the route, it is very easy to lose the route at night and miss gates, or find a hole you didn't see etc. John
  19. heinkeljb

    Took My Haflinger To A Night Trials.

    Was a live stream, from a couple of weekends ago when I broke the exhaust system! 5th vehicle to try so quite a way into the video I'm afraid. Again, was a live stream so lots of waiting before the action. And another:
  20. heinkeljb

    Saw This On Gumtree

    No! The chassis is for a Haflinger not a Pinzgauer. John